Boarding  Plan


All horses and ponies are fed twice daily, choice of alfalfa and/or long-strand bermuda grass.  If an owner prefers a different hay, they can arrange delivery and a space will be set aside for it. 

Box stalls and pipe corrals include in your monthly fee many things that would incur extra charges at other barns. Carrots, blanketing, supplements (Smartpak or pre-bagged please), fly masks, turnout and daily medications/maintenance are all part of the package.

With the Pasture option, supplementing, blanketing, fly masks and daily medications/maintenance are not included but can be provided with separate arrangements with the staff.

Planning a vacation?  Working a lot of hours?  If you're looking for someone to groom your horse, exercise him (or her), help with rehab, or just give that extra attention, we can work together to find someone to fit the bill, giving you peace of mind.

If you need someone to hold your horse for the vet or the shoer, or help with medicating, let us know in advance.  And no charge!

2021 Boarding Rates

  • 16 x 12                        

  • 12 x 12                       

  • 24 x 12 pipe corrals  

  • Front pasture            

Please call or text

323.791.9286 (Tina) or 435.691.2639 (Cody)

for pricing

If you're interested in short term/overnight boarding,

please contact us for availability.

"There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle; one is a sense of humor and the other is patience." 

- John Lyons


Interested in a

trailer loading clinic?

Peacock Hill boarder, Laurice, Gigi's owner, is offering to give a trailer loading clinic as protection against any future emergency that requires evacuation.  To sign-up or if you have questions, 

call or text Laurice at 818-517-7823. 

In fire season, preparation is essential.  Rushing around in a panic is not the time to teach loading. 

We don't want to risk the safety of the horses, owners, barn staff or volunteers.  A horse loading safely and reliably is also a plus when it comes to a medical emergency or going to a show.