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At Peacock Hill Ranch horses enjoy herd living and the company of friends in dry pasture by day, and tucked into cozy stalls for unchallenged meals and a rest. Visitors arriving at Peacock Hill after 6 p.m. find a stable full of well-fed, relaxed horses.

Only a few steps from the stall and paddocks is easy  access to the pasture where horses roam at liberty between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Meals are fed at 5 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Peacock Hill exits onto McBroom Street from which the trails in the Hansen Dam watershed are half a block away.  From there we can ride tree-shaded paths, through streams and on groomed trails, all the way to the famous Doc Larsen trail and up into

The Peacock Hill property has a rich history.  In the 1950s it was home to one of the Lone Ranger’s “Heigh-ho!” Silver horses.  Fun fact: The stall you see Silver in is now the apartment where Butch, the barn manager lives.


In 1989 it was purchased by the Hermans. Marc Herman was a motion picture stunt pilot and Royan is the family horsewoman and daughter of Roy Engel, the original Sky King.

A committed supporter of the equine community,  Peacock Hill has hosted ETI Corral 20's Harvest Moon fundraiser several times, a memorable, fun evening of dinner, dance and music.  It also has served as an evacuation site due to recent fires and floods as well as rescuing/rehabbing/rehoming horses in dire need. 

Meet the Team

Royan Herman

Owner/Boss Mare

818-606-0001 (cel/text)

Owner, horsewoman, businesswoman, animal lover, plant whisperer.  If you have questions or just need a word of encouragement, she's your cowgirl.


Barn Associate/Horseman

Juan is not only great when it comes to the ranch, horses and plants but a real horseman, both on the ground and in the saddle.


Upper Pasture Fellow

Say hi to Tom if you see him.  He's in the upper pasture every day or you might catch him on his bicycle.


Barn Manager


If you have questions, need help with your horse or like to talk about deep sea fishing, Butch is your guy.  He's also a vet's dream--basically a vet tech, great at follow up care and medicating. 


Barn Associate

When you see Joel around the ranch, whether he's feeding, cleaning or taking care of plants, he's always smiling. 

Barn  Dogs




Peacock Hill Ranch

818-353-1000 (office)   818-606-0001 (mobile & text)

10330 McBroom St, Shadow Hills 91040
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